There is a saying I have seen tossed around lately called the “Special Snowflake Syndrome.”  This syndrome seems to be used by one to describe another who feels they are “special” in some way.  Often, the phrase is loaded with disgust or judgment, indicating simply that the other is, in actuality, no more special than anyone else.

This phrase has been used by many to describe INFJs.  Usually it is used in conjunction with the belief that INFJ is the rarest personality type.  Or that INFJs believe they are different than other types, misunderstood and alone.

Regardless of what prompts the use of the phrase, it is always spewed out in a negative way, putting down those INFJs for feeling special or unique.  Insinuating that they are “just human” like everyone else.

And they are right.  INFJs are human, just like everyone else.

But the best part about being human is that we are all special.  Each and every one of us is unique.  We are all our own person, our own template, no matter what those four letters may state.

Each person feels alone until they discover who they are.  Every individual feels lost in a crowd until we find what makes us different.

We all live in this constant battle between wanting to be special and wanting to fit in.

We are all snowflakes.

Despite the fact that each snowflake is comprised of the same element, their patterns are so unique.  Their blueprint is what makes them stand out from the rest.

We are all made of the same elements which classify us as human beings, but just like snowflakes, it is our individual blueprints that define us.
An abuse tactic used by those who are insecure, those who have yet to discover who they are or embrace what makes them special is to strip others of what makes them special.  When someone cannot find their own magnificence, they want to dull the shine on those who stand proud in their beauty.
INFJ Snowflake

Those who try to use the term “special” as though it is an insult are these very people.  Rather than focusing on what is special about them – because everyone has something special – they put down others who have discovered their own light.

As INFJs, we can feel so lost for so long, far too engulfed in figuring out what is “wrong” with us that we can hardly take a moment to consider what might be “right.”  As soon as we have learned there are more just like us, more snowflakes flurrying in the blinding storm, we begin to see the essence of who we are, of what makes us special.

Ignore those who are still being tossed around in the storm unable to see their own individuality.  Brush off anyone who remarks that you are “just human.”  Forget any notion that you are not special.

We are all Special Snowflakes.  Some just need more time to find themselves in the blizzard.