Broken Glass

There are times when I get angry. Times when I am stubborn. Times when I am wrong. There are moments when I am selfish and unkind. There are areas in which I struggle. Things I attempt and fail…miserably. I am never the best and may sometimes even be the worst.

What makes these pieces of me even more difficult is when people call me out on them. My first response is to throw up walls built with anger. I feel attacked and want to lash out.

It is a normal response to someone pointing out your flaws. We all feel the need to protect ourselves. Each one of us deserves our love and protection, but oftentimes what we think we are protecting does not really exist. It is a fabrication of our mind. It is our superego. The piece that goes into overdrive whenever there is a supposed threat, no matter how irrational it may seem.

When we learn to recognize that what we are protecting is all in our minds, we realize that the things around us which seem to harm our superego are really of no importance at all. We can shift from defending ourselves from the unnecessary and put all our effort in loving and improving the necessary.

Not one of us is perfect, and seeing the flaws in another as well as having our own flaws pointed out to us fuels our superego, wasting our energy and derailing our focus.

Accept your imperfections – even go so far as to love your imperfections – and suddenly your superego shifts out of overdrive and you can learn to protect the true version of you. The one who deserves your protection, not the fabricated, unbalanced version of the superego.