We live in a culture where labels come with a negative connotation. Fear of being boxed in or misrepresented runs through everyone as tags seem to be attached to them. Every person is unique and different and labels are thought to remove this uniqueness.

But sometimes those labels spin around into something miraculous. Rather than acting as a confining limit, it opens doors that give freedom and fuel the unique person that we are.

INFJs know the power of such a label. We are well aware of what it is like to feel boxed in, cornered, lost and alone. While draped daily in the uniqueness which so many crave, the INFJ longs to be just like everyone else.

That is, until they discover their label.

Four simple letters given through a basic Myers-Briggs Personality Test become the label to which so many INFJs cling. It tells us we are unique, but that is not the piece that matters, simply a fact of which we have always been aware.

Instead, that label defines everything we could never define for ourselves. It tells us that we are not broken or insane and leads us toward everything we always thought was missing. Explanations, guidance and camaraderie are just a few things gained from this basic label.

In most cases, the description of an INFJ will not fit everyone 100%, but it still usually offers us a lot of information for which we have spent the majority of our lives searching.

Never does this label cause us to feel boxed in or stereotyped. We are all still ourselves, in our own unique ways, with personal interests and talents which no four letters can define for us. But now each of those pieces of ourselves can be set free. We can flourish with pride and positivity, having the full understanding of who we are and what makes us so special.

Some may find their Myers-Briggs Personality Type confining and prefer to scoff at the peculiar system of measurement and classification of any human being. But not the INFJ.

The INFJ label is not a confining prison. It is the key which sets the soul free. To an INFJ, those four little letters are life-changing.